At Ready Set Gig, live performance is the key to being the best musician you can be. Shows give us a goal to focus on - and the thrill of being onstage can’t be beat!

We are committed to creating opportunities for live performance for our students and offer advanced audition- and invitation-only programs specifically to represent the school. Some recent events where our advanced students performed include:

  • City of Henderson Friday Night Music Series (RSG Elite)

  • Henderson Battle of the Bands (November Avenue)

  • Foodie Fest (RSGCORE)

  • American Cancer Society Bark for Life!

  • March of Dimes

  • Plus many other school-theme and other events!

For current events, please check out our Events Calendar on Facebook or Google.

Student Showcases

We hold five Student Show case performances each year to commemorate the work of our Opening Act, Headliner, and MAD Rock programs. Our Student Showcases are positive, family-friendly events held at the club venues that made Las Vegas famous, using professional engineers for light and sound. These highly memorable experiences help our musicians become the superstar musicians and live performers of their dreams, so feel free to glow-up with stage outfits, hairstyles and makeup!

Open House Events

We periodically hold Open House events here at the school, weather permitting, where we offer free food, drinks and of course live music performed by students and instructors. Join our thriving community and take part in an exciting time where everyone rocks out!

Rock Out At Our Place!

Our venue is available for your next event or birthday! We can accommodate groups up to 30.


Amenities include full studio recording, great rehearsal space, huge chill-out room with foosball, xbox,and karaoke. You’re welcome to bring your own food, or get discounts when you order from our catering partners! Reasonable rates available.

Call today!